Saturday, July 18, 2009

Continuing the Closet Craze

I'm proud of my use of alliteration in the title, thank you high school english!
Anyways I found more closets that I would LOVE to one day have so I figured i'd share.
I'll go from the least impressive to the most. Best for last of course :)
Obviously this is Paula Abdul's closet. Now don't get me wrong I would LOVE to have her closet but trust me, it gets way better (and more organized).

Guess who's insanely bright closet this is? Paris Hilton! Of course she would have a closet that makes you feel dizzy. But then again I love the chandelier, I'm SO going to have one in mine if I ever get my dream closet. But then again, I would pass on the reflective table, it just makes everything so unorganized looking although it is clearly very organized.

And intrestingly enough, next up is Niki Hilton! I've always liked Niki way more than Paris,
a) because she's not an attention whore,
b) because she doesn't dress up like its halloween every day,
and c) because she doesn't seem as spoiled as Paris does....
although this closet is sure proving me wrong!
I LOVE this closet because it actually looks like its own room, and I love the simple chic white and dark brown used in it. It makes the colors of the clothes pop out in a non headache inducing way (cough paris cough). And I like that she has pink hangers :)

OKAY now on to the good ones. I'm honestly torn between these next two, I'll post them first then decide which one I pick as the winner.
These two pictures, as you may or may not notice are from Sex and the City. Okay and now for the other closet I'm considering for first place. 
And these last two are obviously Mariah Carey's; yes I do realize that I posted the shoe closet picture of Mariah Carey before but it's just so fabulous that I had to post it again. 
But wow now that I have the two pictures up I realize there's no comparison! Mariah's closet is way better than the Sex and the City one. Honestly most designer boutiques are smaller than her closet! 
So congratulations Mariah you officially own my dream closet! 
Now if only there was a way the closet could change her hideous sense of style...

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  1. When I saw it on MTV Cribs I was like :O! Mariah Carey's walk in closet is soooooo awesome.

  2. I love seeing celebrity closets. Its like stepping into a whole new world.

  3. I weep a little on the inside! One day, my apartment will be a three-room closet, with a bed in the corner, and I will be so happy!