Friday, July 17, 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

As you will soon get to know I have a HUGE thing for shoes. If I had the money I would have a Mariah Carey size shoe closet, and just incase you're wondering what that looks like i've come up with a visual for you...

Yeah I know, its beautiful. It kind of reminds me of being lost in library isles full of books. But of course this is 100000x better because they're shoes, not books. But really who wouldn't want to wake up to that everyday? I would be the happiest girl alive! ANYWAYSSSS back to the shoes :)

I'm seriously in love with these. I can see myself wearing them with pants like these...
But maybe in a canvas color for the pants, not really a grey. 
And then I have these two beauties that I found,
I would probably wear these with a feminine skirt to have that sort of tough girly girl look (which I love). 
 How cute would that be! OR I would even wear the black oxford pumps with pants like this,
I just realized they're pretty similar to the first pair of pants that I posted :p. That obviously means I like them!
And finally a few pictures I got off of 
God both of these shoes are TO DIE FOR. Anyone happen to know what designer these shoes are? I would be forever thankful of you!

Closet picture-
All images besides the last two-
Last two images-

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  1. Who wouldn't love to be Mariah with that fantastic set of shoes so perfectly organized???, i envy her so bad.... hahahahahaha....